orangerobotbeagle-thumb-225x149-103700By Lorrie Shaw Community Contributor

For many pets, it’s no fun being left alone at home all day while your humans go to work.

These days, pet owners have a lot of options to keep their canines happy and engaged while they’re away during their working hours, no matter what those hours are: a safely fenced yard with a doggy door, enrollment at doggy day care/camp — or even hiring the services of a dog walker to break up the day.

All of these are good choices, depending on the owner’s financial resources and preferences and the dog’s disposition.

For stay-at-home dogs in one area of California, life just got a little better. A cable television networkDogTV, was created to help keep dogs happy while their families are away.

“We find it helps with separation anxiety, a problem for many dogs, and with keeping dogs relaxed and entertained,” said Lisa Wilhoit McCormick, co-owner of Fido & Co. dog country club, the official home of DogTV.

“It does look different from human TV — the colors are different, and the videos are taken from a dog’s point of view.”

A scientific advisory board, which boasts Dr. Nicholas Dodman, professor of veterinary medicine and behavior at Tufts University, and dog trainer Victoria Stillwell of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog” have helped to design the content of the network, along with the expertise of other dog behavior experts.

The channel is being broadcast in the San Diego area by Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. The channel is free during the initial launch, but is expected to cost $4.99 per month. Read more about the channel by clicking here.

This topic piqued my interest, because I find that some pets, mostly dogs — whether they are clients or my own — seem to like a little background noise (like the television, a talk radio station, calming music or even a source of white noise) when they are home alone.

Is yours one of them? Take the poll below and clue everyone in on your pet’s preference in the comments below.